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The 4 phases of BMod... 

Phase 1 - Problem Identification - Consultation & Evaluation

Begin changing your dog's behavior by signing up for a Behavior Consultation & Evaluation. We will meet with you and your dog in the comfort of your home to discuss your goals & evaluate your pets behavior needs.

Phase 2 - Problem Analysis - Behavior Assessment & Training Plan

After your consultation we will develop a training plan based on the information gathered during Phase 1. You will receive a written Behavior Assessment & Training Plan that describes your pets behavior goals & lays out a plan to reach those goals. 

Phase 3 - Treatment Implementation - Custom Coaching for you & your pet!

Once your Behavior Assessment & Training Plan are complete, we will help you implement the training program we have developed.

Phase 4 - Treatment Evaluation - Final Assessment

When your program is complete, we will evaluate your progress and provide you with a final assessment & recommendations for further progress. 

Behavior Consultation & Evaluation

A 4-phase problem solving model designed to address your dog's specific behavioral needs.


Let our experienced behavior change technicians help you to develop & implement appropriate strategies to change your dog's fearful and/or aggressive behavior.

As professional force-free dog trainers we believe that it is unethical to guarantee behavior change results. Behavior is dynamic and there are too many variables involved including genetics, disposition, owner commitment and experience that a professional dog trainer cannot control. Instead, we will work with you to effect the most appropriate behavior change that are in line with your goals and your dog’s needs. The results will be dependent on many things, including your level of commitment and compliance to the recommended program.

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