You don’t necessarily want to become a novice dog trainer, do you? You just want a happy, well-behaved dog!


Since dog training is a skill that takes time (years even!) and practice to learn, many dog owners and their untrained dogs struggle and become frustrated with the traditional dog training model. Day Training eliminates that frustration for both you and your dog, making learning faster, easier and more enjoyable!


The fact is, our trainers have spent thousands of hours learning and practicing their craft (this is why you hired us!) so, it is much faster and easier for us to teach your dog than it is for you. It is also easier for your dog to learn from someone who knows what they are doing! With Day Training, our trainers come to your home and train your dog for you twice a week, often traveling with them to public locations for socialization and proofing sessions.


Once your dog is “getting it” we begin working with you weekly to help you maintain your dog’s new skills. Maintaining a behavior that has been taught by an experienced trainer is much easier for you than learning how to train your dog from scratch. Once your dog has learned a new skill or behavior, maintaining it often requires nothing more than an occasional reward.


Like our other services, our Day Training Services are tailored to your specific training needs and goals, but since the learning processes are expedited, many dogs learn things that their owners hadn’t even thought to teach them!