Today anything can be done online! You can chat face-to-face with your grandmother across the country, learn how to play the ukulele, attend a yoga class; you can even get a degree online! So, why not learn how to train your dog online too? 

Thanks to online learning and communications technology, you can learn how to train your dog effectively and efficiently, from anywhere in the world! Get individualized coaching with our private remote coaching services. If working with a group is more your style, group remote coaching programs are also available. You can also go it alone and finish at your own pace with one of our online learning courses. 

Whatever your needs, wherever you are, with online learning services we can help! 

Ideal for:​​

  • Owners who live outside of our service area. 

  • Owners who want to learn how to train their own dogs. 

  • Owners who have specific needs/goals that cannot be addressed in an in-person setting.

  • Owners who need flexibility in scheduling. 

  • ​Dogs and puppies 4 weeks of age and older.

  • Dogs who struggle to learn in a group setting.

  • Dogs who whine, growl, bark, lunge or otherwise become over-excited and/or "reactive" towards people and/or dogs. 

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