Considering the Interests of Others (Compassion)

Merriam Webster defines compassion as a "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it." At petagogy, we believe that compassion is a necessary ingredient for healthy relationships with people and animals. Therefore, when interacting with your dog, we will always consider how our actions affect their physical, emotional, and psychological interests. petagogy trainers aim to act in ways that will increase your dog’s sense of pleasure and comfort and avoid acting in ways that will increase pain and/or discomfort.


Freedom from Suffering

We believe that your dog is an intelligent and emotional individual, capable of learning and feeling. We believe that your dog, and all dogs, share a common wish to be happy and free from suffering. As such, we believe that your dog deserves to learn in an environment that is free from physical and psychological coercion.


petagogy only uses methods and techniques to change behavior that allows your dog to gain the things they desire (Positive Reinforcement). We believe that teaching this way builds strong, reliable behavior while enhancing your relationship with your dog. 


petagogy does not ever promote or use of tools such as choke, prong and/or shock collars. These tools change behavior by way of Positive Punishment and Negative Reinforcement (avoidance). These tools can increase stress and fear-related behavior in dogs (including aggression) and destroy the human/canine bond.

To prove our commitment to force-free training, petagogy is a member of the Pet Professional Guild's Project Trade. Because we want all pets and their guardians to experience the huge advantages and long-lasting effectiveness of force-free training and pet care, we will give you great discounts on our most popular, effective, fun and pain-free training and pet care services in exchange for your old gear.


Social Change

We believe that the human/canine relationship is a powerful avenue for creating a more compassionate world. By developing compassion for others and acting in ways that reduce pain and suffering we can begin creating a less coercive world! 

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