Brooke Eskridge

Rachael Eskridge

Brooke Eskridge is our lead trainer and Behavior Technician.

Growing up, Brooke's mother taught her the importance of compassion towards all animals, not just dogs. Together they nursed injured animals back to health and released them back into the wild or found them suitable homes. 

Brooke learned about the science and methods of applied behavior in 1999 while working with individuals with disabilities. She was certified as an Applied Behavior Technician when she was 18.

Brooke studied Philosophy and Anthropology at Boise State University. There, she learned the theoretical and cultural foundations of the Behavioral Sciences.

Brooke's favorite thing about being a trainer is helping people learn to become more thoughtful, patient and kind to animals. 

"You become the tools you use. Become the reward." - Brooke Eskridge

Rachael Eskridge is our assistant trainer, photographer, videographer and groomer.

Rachael grew up in Montgomery, AL. where her mother taught her the power of positive training and how to train their family's Shetland Sheepdog using Dr. Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book.  

Rachael has traveled extensively, making many friends (human and animal alike) along the way. Some would say she's the world's most likable person! 

Rachael became certified as an Applied Behavior Technician in 2003, while working with people with disabilities. In fact, that is how she met her wife (our lead trainer) Brooke. 

Rachael's favorite thing about training is seeing dogs learn to solve problems and gain confidence.

"Don't look back - you're not going that way." - Mary Engelbreit

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